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Available by Request

My web site package includes 4 pages, 8-10 photos, with all custom graphics including backgrounds, buttons and bars. All web site design is done at your request, to your specifications of color and style.


Preview of some of the custom backgrounds I have created (available for custom designed sites):





Katzapurrin Maine Coons

MainelyClassic Maine Coons

YankeeCats Club 2011 & 2012 Holiday Show

Furreal Ragdolls (site has been since redesigned)

BellaGatti Cat Club 2011 First Show

Siobhan Moore School of Irish Dance


TICA Northeast Region (site has been redesigned)

Nauticats Club April 2008/2009/2010/2011/2012 Shows

Finnishline Norwegian Forest Cats maintenence by site owner)

Chowder Chuggers 2008 Rhode Island Show

Quebec Feline Club

Chowder Chuggers Club Hartford Cat Show

Quinsigamond Cats Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest Cats in MA maintenence by site owner) Now Retired from breeding

Americats TICA Cat Club

Orchidbobs Kurilian Bobtail Cats in Maine maintenence by site owner)

Plush Palace Ragdoll and Persian Cats maintenence by site owner)

The Cattery Orchid Ragdolls in Maine retired from breeding Ragdolls

Blueyed Egyptian Maus (no longer active)

Rianne Ragdolls (maintenence by site owner)

Razl Dazl Doll Ragdolls (site now redesigned)

SF Exclusives Ragdolls

Cathedral Ragdolls

Ragdolls Fanciers Club International (volunteer graphic facelift and total site clean-up 2003 has now been reworked by new paid webmaster)

Starlite Rags Ragdolls (maintenence by site owner)

Ragdoll Fanciers Worldwide Club  site creation and maintenance 2003-2016

Catbird & Co (maintenence by site owner)

Ragdoll International Club (graphic design, development and site maintenance 1999-2002) My work on this website was downloaded from my account and reloaded to a new location by another web designer without my knowledge or permission. I was never paid for this work. This account is no longer active, and for obvious reasons I am no longer involved with this club.

RacinRags Ragdolls (now retired from breeding) 

T Rexdolls Ragdolls  (maintenence by site owner)

Ragmar Ragdolls  now retired from breeding

Bragdolls Ragdolls now retired from breeding

Mourningdove Ragdolls (now retired from breeding)

Reflections of a Lifetime (closed)

Catbird & Co Ragdolls (Site has been reworked)

Lyonhart Persians (graphics only)

Narragansett Ragdolls (now retired from breeding)

LA Design Haircutters (business sold))

LA Design Haircutters

Bordeaux Ragdolls (maintenence by site owner)

BellaPalazzo Ragdolls

Dearondeau Ragdolls (retired from breeding)

Villaroyal Ragdolls (maintenence by site owner)

Floppicat Ragdolls (retired from breeding)

Coon Oak Maine Coon Cats (now retired from breeding)

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