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The Ragdoll Cat......is more than just a beautiful cat.  


Lifetime Achievement 2014
International Winner 2014
Regional Winner (Kitten and Alter 2013, Alter 2014)
Supreme Grand Champion Alter
BellaPalazzo Oliver Twist
Owned and shown by Donna O'Shea

BellaPalazzo Ragdoll cats have been selectively bred to have a sweet disposition. Our Ragdolls are gentle cats, they play without extending their claws. This makes them ideal family members in households with other pets and children. The Ragdoll is a very devoted cat, mine love to play fetch... come when they are called... and follow me everywhere. The Ragdoll is a slow maturing breed, sometimes not reaching full maturity until 3-4 years old. Altered males may grow as large as 20 pounds or more with the females weighing about 5 pound less. 

Seal point mitted Ragdoll cat and Blue point bicolor Ragdoll cat
Photo by Tetsu


~Regional Winner~
**Supreme Grand Champion Alter**
 BellaPalazzo Bridger

Seal Point Mitted Alter

***Outstanding Sire ***
 ~Regional Winner~
**Supreme Grand Champion**
Floppicat Briaton of BellaPalazzo

Blue Point Bicolor Male

The Ragdoll coat is soft, silky and requires minimal care. It is often described as feeling more like rabbit fur than a cat. The Ragdoll is a pointed breed, which means that all Ragdoll cats and kittens will have blue eyes. The breed was named for the cats tendency to "go limp" (like a rag doll) when they are picked up.

Ragdoll kittens are incredibly trusting in nature. It is not unusual to find Ragdoll cats and kittens sleeping on their back with their furry belly exposed. Ragdolls love to flop on their backs in front of people to get belly rubs. Our kittens learn to do this as soon as they are able to walk. As with all living things, every Ragdoll has their own cat personality and each one is a little bit different, but each is very lovable with their own ways.

Ragdoll kittens in Connecticut

BellaPalazzo Ragdoll kittens at two weeks old...

Please enjoy your visit. In our pages you may view the kittens available and see pictures of Ragdoll cats and kittens. We have included information about the beginning of the Ragdoll breed, as well as some history of previous years TICA Ragdoll show results. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Ragdoll kittens in blue bicolor, blue mitted, seal bicolor and seal mitted
BellaPalazzo Eyan's Ragdoll kittens
blue point bicolor, blue point mitted, seal point bicolor and seal point mitted

I will be eternally grateful for the guidance and friendship of Eileen Pickett of Villaroyal Ragdolls. Without Eileen's never ending love and knowledge of the Ragdoll breed, and the quality of the cats she has trusted to me, BellaPalazzo Ragdolls would not exist.  Ragdoll cat breeders of this impeccable stature  are rare and precious.... few and far between.

This is BellaPalazzo Destiny as a kitten at 3 months old in 2001. Destiny is a daughter of Villaroyal Rocksanne and inherited her mothers incredible coat texture and large boning as well as her fathers size and bravado. She weighed over 7 pounds when this photo was taken and made all other litters look small in comparison. I kept both Destiny and her brother Dylan because of their impressive Ragdoll qualities. Destiny and Dylan are both now retired from breeding...

Ragdoll kitten blue mitted female


Beware..... Ragdoll kittens are like potato chips, you cant have just one!!

BellaPalazzo is located in Northwest Connecticut (CT)

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Ragdoll Cats and Ragdoll Kittens from BellaPalazzo Connecticut

Mindy Ferreira
North Western Connecticut

2003-2006 TICA Ragdoll Breed Committee member
2006-2009 TICA Ragdoll Breed Committee member

2003-2014 Board Member RFW Club
(Co-Founder and current Treasurer)  RFW- Ragdoll Fanciers Worldwide Club

2003 - 2012 CFA Ragdoll Breed Council Member

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