The History of BellaPalazzo Ragdoll Cats and Kittens in Connecticut


Hello and Welcome from Steve and Mindy Ferreira, Ragdoll cat breeders and main belly scratchers here at BellaPalazzo Ragdoll Cats in Connecticut. 

TICA Northeast Region Member of the Year 2007-2008

Here is the quiet home where BellaPalazzo Ragdolls began in 1995:

103one.jpg (126856 bytes) 103two.jpg (107996 bytes) 

And the addition we built for the cats:

my addition.JPG (26063 bytes)

Here is the new home of BellaPalazzo Ragdolls 2005, watch for updated pictures, as this house is transformed into our home!!

the garage is built...

still waiting for the driveway to be paved....while the flowers bloom

 and the leaves change..........

Finally - paved!!!!

Lets meet the kitties who have brought us to where we are today.........

Cokis Little Belle

Born August 4th 1995 


Cokis Little Belle was the first Ragdoll cat I ever laid eyes on. I had asked my husband to buy me a Ragdoll for my birthday and I did not care if it was purple polka dots.... I just wanted a Ragdoll. Not only was this cat everything I had imagined she would be.... she was the backbone and foundation of BellaPalazzo Ragdolls and the reason I love the Ragdoll breed so dearly. She is the mother of BellaPalazzo Rockey (her very first kitten), BellaPalazzo Allysa, BellaPalazzo Elle, and BellaPalazzo Keya.... 

photo taken at 9 years 11 months of age- July 30, 2005

CH Ragtymdolls Saint Nicholaus

"Nicker Dude" or "Neenee"
Born August 11, 1996
RIP April 20, 2013 (almost 17yrs)

Cardiac Ultrasound Screening at 2 and 9 years.
Negative for HCM. 

Nick was my first male. He has the most gentle and loving personality and to this day will sit on the lap of anyone who allows him to. He is my buddy and my love and also a foundation and backbone of my breeding program. He currently weighs in at around 16 pounds and is slightly chubby. He is father to Allysa, Ariana, Keya, Rockey, and Bridger.

photo taken at 8 years 11 months on July 30, 2005
 He was altered and lived here his entire life, passing peacefully at 16 yrs old.... Love you my Nicker-dude.

BellaPalazzo Rockey

HCM Negative by board certified cardiologist at 6 years and at 8 years.

Rockey was the very first Ragdoll kitten born to BellaPalazzo Ragdolls. He was painfully extracted from my arms at 8 months old in exchange for my much loved Rocksanne. When his new owner was ready to retire him from her breeding program she asked if I wanted him back. I could not believe the joy to have him come home to me. It was like he never left, he was in absolutely perfect health and condition and just as beautiful and affectionate as he was when he left here. Again, many thanks to Eileen Pickett for taking such excellent care of my most cherished first born Ragdoll, and for allowing me to have him back with me!!! He is the first to run for position when anyone sits down in the living room... and has to be ON your lap. We had a couple litters here before we neutered him, and have his daughter Hayleigh.


Villaroyal Rocksanne


Rox was a turning point in my breeding program. She was the cat who made the transition for me from being someone who was just going to have a few litters to producing Ragdoll cats of the health, temperament, size and type that would contribute to the Ragdoll breed. With the addition of Rocksanne to my breeding program, I also acquired the friendship and guidance of her breeder, Eileen Pickett. Without the support and encouragement of Eileen, I would not be who I am today. Rox brought that incredible boning, glorious coat texture and the sensitive intelligent gentle nature to my breeding program. She is the mother of CH Ariana, QGC Destiny, Dylan and RW SGCA Bridger. 

Rox was spayed and placed in a pet home with one of her kittens when my lynx female began picking on her. She was just too special for me to allow that.

Champion BellaPalazzo Ariana

2007 TICA Outstanding Dam!!!!

TICA International Second Best Seal Point Mitted 1999/2000
TICA NE Region 3rd Best Ragdoll, 2nd Best Seal Point Mitted

Blood Type A, Ultrasound HCM Negative 1/04, 4/06

Ariana is 2 weeks older than Allysa. She is the very first cat I kept for my breeding program from my own breeding. Ari is a habitual purr box, you just look at her and her motor starts. She has been blessed with her mothers wonderful coat and boning, and is the mother to some of the prettiest kittens we have ever seen including RW TGC BellaPalazzo Dorianne, TGC BellaPalazzo Ericka, RW SGC BellaPalazzo Frances, CH BellaPalazzo Dempsey, CH BellaPalazzo Devyn, TGC BellaPalazzo Harrison and GC BellaPalazzo Hudson.

This little angel is
Champion BellaPalazzo Allysa
TICA International Best Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll 1999/2000
TICA NE Region 2nd Best Ragdoll and Best Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll

Blood type A, Ultrasound HCM Negative 5/04, 4/06

Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll Cat This picture was taken at 3 months old. Allysa is a "melt in your hands" kitty. She is my soul mate kitty, and had me picked as her human from the time she was born. This doll kitty will hold my hand if I cry, and knead my back if I am sad. I swear she can hear my thoughts. She has also decided she LOVES my husband... I tell him it is just an act because she likes to sleep on his pillow... the funny part is HE LETS HER. Allysa is a seal mitted Ragdoll cat. 

Allysa is a full sister to BellaPalazzo Rockey, and mother to CFA GC, TICA RW Supreme Grand Champion BellaPalazzo Eyan, GC BellaPalazzo Rembrandt, and  Champion BellaPalazzo Faylinn.

You may recognize Allysa from her modeling debut:
She was the kitten pictured on the title page of the Ragdoll Breed Profile in the March 2000 issue of Cat Fancy magazine.

Photo by Jim Child

Allysa in Cat Fancy Ragdoll cat breed profile

RW SGCA BellaPalazzo Bridger


This is Nick's son Bridger.  Bridger was the first Supreme Grand Champion produced at BellaPalazzo. Bridger is altered and living with me. What a HUNK.... he weighs around 17 pounds and WORSHIPS my husband. Bridger likes to chase tennis balls around the house and then roll around the floor with them when he catches one. 

Chatandolls Cameron of BellaPalazzo


DOB 3/38/00
Blood Type A
HCM Negative 8/03, 4/30/05, 4/06

HCM DNA MC and RD negative

Blue Point Bicolor

 Watch out for this boy... he is fearless. He loves everyone and everything and spends his days seeing how many thing he can tip, spill, clear and scale....  He loves to give kisses, and will put a paw on each side of my face to make sure I am paying attention when he does. He stands on his hind legs and pads me if he wants some loving. What a joy he is!!! He is the father of Ericka, Destiny, and Gwen.

Ragdoll Cat, Blue Point Bicolor

Ragdoll cat BellaPalazzo Dylan

BellaPalazzo Dylan
Blue Point Bicolor

DOB 5/22/01 
HCM Negative 4/30/05

 Like father like son...Watch out for this boy... he is fearless. He loves everyone and everything.  He weighed in at 11 pounds at 6 months old... this is one BIG boy... In his first litter he sired RW SGC BellaPalazzo Emalie!!! He is the silliest of my boys, and demands his fair share of attention. He is very talkative, and loves belly rubs. He is a very clean boy, and is a joy to care for!!! With much sorrow, I made the decision to neuter Dylan when I realized that I had only one girl to breed him to that was not related.... This cat is amazing, and we hope to be able to show him as an alter when he recovers from surgery and grows some coat this winter. He is the sire of Emalie and Joliee.

TICA Regional Winner
Triple Grand Champion
BellaPalazzo Dorianne

DOB 11/21/01
HCM Negative 4/30/05

Dori is as sweet as they come, and tends to her babies like a pro. She is gentle and caring and her babies grow up with the same tender sweetness as she shows them. She is the mother of Tiffany and Jereme.

Ragdoll cat, Blue point bicolor

Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion
BellaPalazzo Dayanne

blue point bicolor

DOB 9/5/01
HCM Negative 11/12/05
DNA PKD, HCM MC and HCM RD negative

This girl was supposed to go to another breeder, but she clings to my heart. I call her squeak because she does not meow, but makes this little squeak noise when she wants me to pick her up. She is a very tender sweet girl, and I just could not let her go.

RW QGC Bellapalazzo Dayanne Blue bicolor Ragdoll

TICA Quadruple Grand Champion
BellaPalazzo Destiny

Blue Point Mitted

scanned HCM Negative 11/12/05
DNA PKD, HCM MC and HCM RD negative

TICA International Second Best Blue Point Mitted 2001/2002

TICA NE Region 3rd Best Ragdoll cat
Best Blue Point Mitted Ragdoll

BellaPalazzo Destiny Blue point mitted female Ragdoll Cat

 Destiny is a very large female Ragdoll cat, with an extremely sweet disposition. She loves to sit on my lap and purr. She has her mothers exquisite coat texture WHICH NEVER SHADED OUT WITH AGE!!!, with great boning and length of body. She loves to play and knows no stranger. She was over 10 pounds at 7 months old.  Destiny took a break from showing to have her first litter which included RW BellaPalazzo Ethanial and CH BellaPalazzo Elisandra, and then came back out to finish her grand champion titles. Almost all of the Judges had to check to see if she was a male because she is so extraordinary. I love this girl, she is amazing...  and I am so sad to have to retire her from breeding... but am going to love having her as a pet again :-)


Ragdoll Cat RW SGC Bellapalazzo Emalie

TICA Regional Winner 
Supreme Grand Champion
BellaPalazzo Emalie

Blue Point Bicolor

DOB 5/16/02
HCM Negative by ultrasound 11/12/05

TICA NE Region: 
19th Best AB Kitten
3rd Best Ragdoll Kitten
9th Best Longhair Cat
Second Best Ragdoll  
Best Blue Point Bicolor Ragdoll

 Emalie is a very sweet girl with wonderful facial expression. She is large for a female and competed against the top cats in the country to achieve her Supreme title. She has an adorable attitude and loves to play with the Judges and entertain the spectators. At home we call her "Yum-Yum". Her kittens are now making their way into the show halls, and Handsome has completed his CFA Grand Champion title as well as receiving a Regional win and Double Grand Champion in TICA

Royal Canin Ragdoll Kitten Emalie
Emalie was also chosen to be included in the Royal Canin calendar for 2003.

BellaPalazzo Emalie, a blue point bicolor Ragdoll cat


TICA Champion
BellaPalazzo Elisandra

DOB 7/26/02
HCM Negative by Ultrasound 11/12/05
Both parents DNA PKD, HCM MC and HCM RD negative

"Ellie Elle" is Destiny's daughter. She has wonderful coat texture, eye color,  boning and an incredible tail. She is very large for a female. She is a silly cat, and loves to play... but lines up for her share of any petting that goes on. She was not shown much due to her asymmetrical markings, but did receive several best of breed awards and two Best LH cat finals, giving her the points needed to achieve her TICA Champion title. 

We hated to spay this girl, but she was seven years old and we want her to have the pleasure of being someones baby. She is extremely sweet and playful, and I miss her but know she is very happy as the queen of the house in her new home.


DOB 8/28/02
HCM Negative 11/11/06
DNA PKD, HCM MC and HCM RD negative

TICA NE Region 2005-2006
3rd Best Seal Point Bicolor Ragdoll

Ericka is the sweetest most easy going kitty that you would ever want to handle. She was shown to her Triple Grand Champion title by my daughter who was 8 years old at that time. Ericka has gone to her forever home in 2010, we hope she will bring her new family as much happiness as she has brought us!!

tay.jpg (93446 bytes)
photo by Olek Kuperberg

TICA Triple Grand Champion
BellaPalazzo Ericka

Seal Point Bicolor

(Photo taken 9/23/10)


CFA Champion
TICA Double Grand Champion
BellaPalazzo Hope and Faith

TICA NE Region 2005-2006
2nd Best Seal Point Bicolor Ragdoll

HCM negative 5/20/07
DNA PKD, HCM MC and HCM RD negative

Hope is another stunning girl that is sweet sweet sweet. She has the silkiest coat, full flowing tail and lovely eye color. She was shown to her titles with the help of my daughter, Taylor, and is now the love of her own family.

SF Exclusive Humphrey Bogart of BellaPalazzo



DOB 6/10/05
Blood Type A/A by DNA
HCM Negative by Ultrasound 5/20/07
DNA PKD, HCM MC and HCM RD negative

Humphrey is a seal point mitted male with stunning eye color and wonderful coat quality. His point color is jet black and his body coat is clear and light, even as a mature breeding male. He has beautiful ear shape and placement, and a wonderful sweet expression. He is a sweet sweet boy, and loves to give head butts and kisses. He came to us from my dear friend Francesca Metz in California to provide an unrelated male for my breeding program. We look forward to raising and showing his babies... the first litters are absolutely stunning, including RW CHA BellaPalazzo Juliette and GC BellaPalazzo Just my Luck, RW TGC BellaPalazzo Kira, CH BellaPalazzo Krysta, CH BellaPalazzo Katerina, RW SGC BellaPalazzo Kristjan....

Blue bicolor Ragdoll, Juliette

Regional Winner
BellaPalazzo Juliette

2007-2008 Third Best Ragdoll Kitten NE Region
2007-2008 Sixteenth Best Kitten NE Region

both parents DNA PKD, HCM MC and HCM RD negative

blue bicolor Ragdoll cat BellaPalazzo Juliette
We have kept a Juliette CLONE... Nicholette... and want Julie to have the life of the princess she is.


CH BellaPalazzo JLo

2007-2008 Best Seal Point Ragdoll NE Region
Seal Colorpoint Female
both parents DNA PKD, HCM MC and HCM RD negative

JLo is a daughter of Hollywood. She has his incredible eye color, coat and point color. Her ear size and shape and her boning are coming from her grandpa Rockey. She is a people cat, and does not really enjoy a multi cat household, although she gets along well with other cats and would probably like one or two friends. Jlo is spayed and has gone to her forever home.

TICA Outstanding Sire
Regional Winner
Supreme Grand Champion
 Floppicat Briaton of Bellapalazzo

Blue point bicolor

Sire: Mourningdove Ted E Bear of Floppicat
Dam: Narragansett Libby of Floppicat

DOB 10/20/99
Blood Type A
 Scanned HCM Negative 4/30/05 (6yrs old)
DNA PKD, HCM MC and HCM RD negative

Blue Point Bicolor Ragdoll  Cat "Briaton"

Briaton is a blue point bicolor Ragdoll cat. He feels like a flour sack when you pick him up, he is just dead weight. He loves to sleep on my chest, and he will push the other cats away from me... If I am late to bed he will stand at the bedroom door and yell until I lie down. He is the sire of both CFA and TICA Grand Champions Ragdoll cats, as well as TICA Regional Winners and Supreme Grand Champions BellaPalazzo Dayanne, BellaPalazzo Eyan, BellaPalazzo Isaac, BellaPalazzo Jereme, BellaPalazzo Jamie, BellaPalazzo Kyto and BellaPalazzo Montego.

Many thanks to previous Ragdoll Breed Committee Chair and my dear friend Linda Schurawlow for allowing me to own this wonderful boy. Who would ever believe such a gift would be the result of a simple act of kindness... !!! Karma is a wonderful thing!!!!

Sadly, this professional photo does not even begin to capture the exquisite eye color that Haidyn has....

CFA Champion
TICA Regional Winner, Grand Champion
Villaroyal Haidyn of BellaPalazzo

DNA PKD, HCM MC and HCM RD negative

2005-2006 TICA Northeast Region 
Best Ragdoll Kitten
12th Best All Breed Kitten

Haidyn is the prettiest girl you could imagine, and has the sweetest little voice. She loves to sit on my lap while I am at the computer. We are so excited about having her here with us, I just melt when I look at her. She is just one of the many lovely kittens produced by Villaroyal Ragdoll Cats. I am so honored to be able to own her. Thank you so much Eileen Pickett!!!

TICA Champion
Floppicat Tiffany of BellaPalazzo

Blue Lynx Point Bicolor

 DNA PKD, HCM MC and HCM RD negative

Tiffany is a very silly girl who loves to jump on my back for a ride every time I bend over to scoop a box or fill a food bowl. Her first litter produced Regional Winner SGC Floppicat Jamie of BellaPalazzo, second litter produced RW SGCA Bellapalazzo Kyto,  CH BellaPalazzo Korinne and CHA BellaPalazzo Kasper. She came to me as an adult, but has been a wonderful addition here. Her father is Mourningdove Neiman Marcus and mother is RW TGC BellaPalazzo Dorianne.

BellaPalazzo NoTickee

Blue Point Mitted
Sire: RW OS SGC Floppicat Briaton of BellaPalazzo
Dam: SGC BellaPalazzo Destiny

negative parents



A blue mitted copy of Montego... from Destinys last litter. I couldnt bear to let him go... sweeter than honey, big big big, with such an awesome temperament... I have to let him sleep on someones pillow. He is such a love. Neutered and  placed in a furrever home.


BellaPalazzo Ragdolls

RW SGC BellaPalazzo Nicholette
blue point bicolor female
Sire: RW DGC Furreal Mavryck of BellaPalazzo
Dam: RW CH BellaPalazzo Juliette

DNA PKD, HCM MC and HCM RD negative lines

(In only ONE SHOW!!!)


Nicholette went to her first show at 6 months old.
She took home 17 finals (out of 20 rings) including three BEST KITTENS!!
and ended the weekend as BEST ALLBREED KITTEN IN SHOW!!!
We call her "Pretty" or "Fancy" at home... she is absolutely adorable in type and temperament!!

Sadly, after trying to get Nicki bred for over a year we have had to admit defeat. Love you Nicki.


3 months old

4 months old

6 months old

BellaPalazzo Marissa
Seal colorpoint

Sire: SF Exclusive Humphrey Bogart of BellaPalazzo
Dam: BellaPalazzo Isabella

DNA PKD, HCM MC and HCM RD negative lines


Like a little bear, I just love the colorpoints!!! Marissa loves everyone, has great coat, boning, profile  and eye color, and is a very easy kitty to own. She is between my feet and in front of my hand with every step I take and every move I make... hoping to get some more petting. Although I had chosen her as my "keeper" from this litter before she had developed much of a personality, this "in your face" temperament is soooo what I love these cats for. Marissa was retired and now has her own family.

BellaPalazzo Ragdolls

BellaPalazzo Krysta

Seal point bicolor

Sire: SFExclusives Humphrey Bogart of BellaPalazzo
Dam: Villaroyal Haidyn of BellaPalazzo

DNA PKD, HCM MC and HCM RD negative parents

Krysta is a stocky built girl, with dense solid body weight. Her coat is lovely and requires no care.


BellaPalazzo Ragdolls

Ragdoll Cat BellaPalazzo Kristjan

Regional Winner
Supreme Grand Champion
BellaPalazzo Kristjan
 Dayanne x Humphrey

A wonderful boy who never sprayed, was a very easy keeper, but lived with Jereme and I think they both never figured out what to do with girls because they were such good friends.

BellaPalazzo Ragdolls

BellaPalazzo Larissa
blue point bicolor

Sire: RW OS SGC Floppicat Briaton of BellaPalazzo
Dam: CH BellaPalazzo Faylinn

DNA PKD, HCM MC and HCM RD negative

Just a kitten in these pictures, Larissa was one of our mommies. She has the sweetest personality, kinda silly like her mom, but so affectionate you just have to smile to watch her wiggle around trying to get someone to pet her more. She is as perfect as you could ask for in a cat of any breed... but especially for a Ragdoll. Amazing. From the cool slick feel of her coat to the shape and placement of her eyes and ears... and the dense weight of her body... she is just a joy to own.

BellaPalazzo Ragdolls


Jerry has that soft plush bunny coat that never requires any care at all. He was the 10th Grand Champion offspring of Floppicat Briaton that made Briaton an outstanding sire. He is a very clean boy, never sprayed... but also never bred :-(  so he has been neutered and has found a pillow to share. 

TICA Regional Winner
Supreme Grand Champion

BellaPalazzo Jereme

Blue Point Bicolor
Sire: RW OS SGC Floppicat Briaton of BellaPalazzo
Dam: RW TGC BellaPalazzo Dorianne


TICA NE Region: 
11th Best LH Cat

2007 International Ragdoll Congress:
3rd Best Overall Championship Ragdoll in Congress

BellaPalazzo Ragdolls

BellaPalazzo Liyah
Seal Colorpoint

Sire: Floppicat Hollywood of BellaPalazzo
Dam: SGCA BellaPalazzo Destiny

DNA PKD, HCM MC and HCM RD negative parents

  Liyah  has wonderful boning, large and long... and all traditional pedigree. I just found this one kitten picture of her... She is not a poser and would never sit still for pictures.  She is sweet and loving, and a wonderful example of the Ragdoll breed.

BellaPalazzo Ragdolls

TICA Grand Champion
BellaPalazzo KariAnne

Seal point mitted

Sire: RW SGC BellaPalazzo Eyan
Dam: SGCA BellaPalazzo Destiny

DNA PKD, HCM MC and HCM RD negative

A kitten we just had to see grow up. Kari is an Eyan baby! She has incredible eye color, boning and wonderful expression...  Both her parents are getting ready to retire, and we wanted to be sure we kept enough of the bloodlines to carry on. We took her to her first show at 4 months old and she made three finals. Her babies are now turning out as awesome as her! I have kept her son Pierce Bronson (Chunky)


click to enlarge her baby pictures:

Seal mitted Ragdoll Kitten from BellaPalazzo in Connecticut

BellaPalazzo Ragdolls


BellaPalazzo Lisette
Seal point bicolor
DOB 11/9/2009

Sire: RW SGC Bellapalazzo Frances of Orchid
Dam: CH BellaPalazzo Krysta

DNA PKD, HCM MC and HCM RD negative lines

Just a kitten in this picture, I was not planning to keep her but her whole litter was so nice that I hated to let her go. She has perfect coat, which seems to be getting lost from the breed... and overall lovely moderate type. She is from a line that develops slowly, and looks more and more like her daddy every day. Her first litter was absolutely beautiful... and I am so happy to have her. Lissy is now retired from breeding and  has found her forever home.

BellaPalazzo Ragdolls


BellaPalazzo Olivia
Blue Lynx point bicolor

Sire: RW SGC Bellapalazzo Montego
Dam: Floppicat Tiffany

DNA PKD, HCM MC and HCM RD negative lines, Olivia is a smaller girl who is very sweet and loving. She is a princess, and will make her new mommy very happy!

BellaPalazzo Ragdolls

BellaPalazzo Madyline

Blue colorpoint

Sire: SF Exclusive Humphrey Bogart of BellaPalazzo
Dam: BellaPalazzo Gillian

DNA PKD, HCM MC and HCM RD negative lines


Oh My. I was never a fan of colorpoints... but the more I learn about Ragdolls, the more I realize that a perfect point is so much more cat than a bicolor... cause you see every flaw with no pattern to distract you. This girl is flawless. From her perfect coat texture and clear body color to her eye shape, ear size and set, boning and profile... and all that on top of the sweetest personality. Oh My.... oh sigh... love!!

BellaPalazzo Ragdolls

CH BellaPalazzo Ryleigh
seal lynx point bicolor female

Sire: RW DGC Furreal Mavryck of BellaPalazzo
Dam: CH Floppicat Tiffany

Love her. Just. Love. Her. Ryleigh was not interested in being a mommy. Kittens were just not her thing. I hate to lose her to my breeding program but have to consider her feelings too. She is a diva and wanted nothing to do with dirty bottoms... but she love love loves people!!! I would have loved to have kept her for myself, but she did not like living with boys... breaks my heart to have let this one go!!!


BellaPalazzo Ragdolls

Darlinlildolls Mika of BellaPalazzo
Seal point mitted male

Mikey was a great addition to my cattery.

BellaPalazzo Ragdolls

OD BellaPalazzo Noelle

blue point bicolor female
Sire: RW OS SGC Floppicat Briaton of BellaPalazzo
Dam: SGCA BellaPalazzo Destiny

DNA PKD, HCM MC and HCM RD negative parents

"NoNee" Poor NoNee. She is just too cute and all the other girls are jealous. She is a calendar model for Ragdolls Illustrated 2012 Calendar - Miss February. The last litter from Destiny, she is Destinys child for sure!! Large and lovely, she is everything a Ragdoll should be. Her first litter produced Ocean Mist and Oliver.... who both became Regional Winners and Supreme Grand Champions!! Oliver is now an LA after getting his third Regional Win and an International win in 2014!!! RW DGC BellaPalazzo Ryan is also Noelles son. Retired in 2019.

BellaPalazzo Ragdolls


Regional Winner
Outstanding Sire
Double Grand Champion
RW OS DGC Furreal Mavryck of BellaPalazzo

DOB 7/27/10
Seal Point Bicolor Male

Sire: 2010 Best Ragdoll Cat,  IW SGC Furreal Cliffs Pride N Joy
Dam: Furreal Bella Nina

negative parents
Tested DNA negative

Best Ragdoll KITTEN MP Region 2010-2011
8th Best Allbreed Kitten MP Region 2010-2011

MAv waS the COVER CAT for Ragdolls Illustrated 2011 Calendar!!!!!!!!!!


All I can say is OH MY GOODNESS....

Thank You Mary and Cliff for this most precious boy... he is amazing. His eye color is so intense that you just cant help but stare at him.. his sweet sweet expression is amazing.. his coat is bunny soft and requires no care at all... he feels like a sack of flour when you pick him up... but more than all that, he is the most affectionate and outgoing kitty with a personality just like his breeder- overflowing with a love of life.


 I am so proud of these kitties! At just 6 yrs old Mav completed his Outstanding Sire title.

BellaPalazzo Ragdolls

BellaPalazzo Nadja
seal point mitted female
Sire: Darlinlildols Mika of BellaPalazzo
Dam: BellaPalazzo Lisette

DNA PKD, HCM MC and HCM RD negative lines

Affectionately called "Mousey" by my husband... who is her favorite... Nadja had such lovely type, coat, eye color, ears, boning, point color... I just had to see how she would mature. She is a sweet girl, and has produced some lovely kittens for me, her reward is a life of leisure.

BellaPalazzo Ragdolls

Regional Winner
Furreal Promise of BellaPalazzo

Sire: SiempreAmar Abraham of Furreal
Dam: CH Furreal Fancy Love

Promise is a girlfriend for Montego.... she is absolutely adorable, sweeter than sweet and exactly what I had hoped for!! Thank you again to Cliff and Mary for this lovey young girl... I cant wait to see her grow up



BellaPalazzo Ragdolls

BellaPalazzo Osannah

seal Point Mitted

Sire: Darlinlildols Mika of BellaPalazzo
Dam: BellaPalazzo Marissa

DNA Negative lines

Osannah is a smaller female, she is now a wonderful companion, she loves people!  I have kept several of her offspring and it is her time to relax as a pampered pet.

BellaPalazzo Ragdolls

BellaPalazzo Raivyn

seal point mitted
DOB 5/5/14

Sire: RW DGC Furreal Mavryck of BellaPalazzo
Dam: BellaPalazzo Marissa

DNA PKD, HCM MC and HCM RD negative lines

Retired from breeding. Sweet and beautiful girl now in her forever home.

BellaPalazzo Ragdolls

International Winner
Regional Winner
Supreme Grand Champion
Furreal OMG of BellaPalazzo

DOB 12/31/2012
Seal Point Bicolor Male

Sire: SiempreAmar Abraham of Furreal
Dam: 2011 BEST RAGDOLL, IW SGC Furreal Cielitos Omega

DNA PKD, HCM MC and HCM RD negative
Wisdom Panel DNA Results : N/N
for all tested mutations that cause disease in cats.

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!

Omi is my new boy from Cliff and Mary, Furreal Ragdolls... I flew to Las Vegas to pick him up at the 1st Ragdolls Around the World (RAW) Congress. At 9 months old, Omi was BEST RAGDOLL in the congress, being awarded Best, Best and 2nd Best in the Congress rings. Winning isnt everything... it is only icing on this cake... as I chose Omi when I first saw his baby picture at only 10 weeks old!! Omi is sweet as can be, silly and affectionate. He has awesome eye color, perfect bunny coat, adorable expression, great boning and size... I cant wait to see what he will produce for us in the future!

Deepest Thanks to Cliff and Mary for raising such a lovely boy, and for giving him up to me at 9 months old! I love love love him!!!

Omi finished his Supreme Grand Champion title here at a mere 9 months of age.. with just three shows as an adult, those three shows being the TICA Annual, JazzyCats Vegas (RAW Congress Show) and Boscats Hartford!!! RW SGCA BellaPalazzo Spencer is his first offspring to show, Spencer was 2nd Best Ragdoll Alter Internationally in very limited showing!!!


Omi is the most fabulous cat. I have kept several of his daughters and ran out of girls to breed him to... He is a huge talker, and as a whole male he was a hoser. He loves people and I just couldnt keep him confined all his life to accomodate his stinky ways. I dont know if I will be able to place him now that he is neutered. It will depend on if I can integrate him with the other cats once his hormones settle down. This is one of those cats that you will never forget. Amazing.

BellaPalazzo Ragdolls

RW SGC BellaPalazzo Ocean Mist
blue point bicolor female
Sire: RW DGC Furreal Mavryck of BellaPalazzo
Dam: OD BellaPalazzo Noelle

DNA PKD, HCM MC and HCM RD negative lines


I did not show Misty as a kitten because her litter mate brother, Oliver Twist, was showing in my region and I did not want to compete against him. At 8 months old she went to her first show and LOVED it... and the judges loved her. She is very big for a female with wonderful bone structure, and the most incredible coat texture. Her eye shape is perfect and she is just dripping with CUTE factor, and not just her looks... she loves to play and is as sweet as they come.

Misty is mother to:
RW SGCA BellaPalazzo Spencer
RW DGC BellaPalazzo Valentine Bae
DGC BellaPalazzo Muse
CHA Bellapalazzo Xena
Bellapalazzo Xoiee
BellaPalazzo Yakob

BellaPalazzo Ragdolls

Ariokkierags Shabbys Blue Shades

Blue Point Bicolor

Sire: RW SGC BellaPalazzo Lekker Ding
Dam: Ariokkierags Not Too Shabby

DNA HCM negative lines

Shabby came from The Netherlands from my very dear friends, Okkie and Ar.
I can not thank them enough for sending her to me.
She was the one good thing about that November ;-)
Due to personal issues, I was not able to show her as I would have liked to...
She is now producing amazing kittens and may come out to show in the future.

BellaPalazzo Ragdolls




More of the BellaPalazzo story to come!!

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Mindy Ferreira
North Western Connecticut

2003-2006 TICA Ragdoll Breed Committee Member
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