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Closing October 23 or when full (we filled before closing last year)

Regular Entries:

Special - 4 entries / 2 double cages $250
First Entry (includes extra 1/2 cage) $90
Additional Entries (same cage as first entry) $80
One Day Entry $75
Double Cage (extra half cage)  each $20
Grooming Space $40
End of Aisle (free for handicapped) $15
Extra Catalog $5
Double Sale Cage (exhibitors ONLY) $40

Catalog Ads:
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There will be a $25.00 late fee for entries paid at the door.
You must have permission from show management to pay at the door.
All payments at the door must be correct change and cash ONLY.

I understand that my entries may not be confirmed until my entry fees are paid.
 Submitting the summary form and/or entries thru TOES obligates the sender to make arrangements for payment within 48 hours of submission. If you are using paypal, you must go to the paypal website (http://paypal.com) to make a paypal payment.

Paypal address : AmericatsPP@gmail.com

To enter this show, please submit a completed Summary Form


HOLD HARMLESS POLICY: By submitting the Summary form and/or entries to this show thru TOES, the exhibitor named above agrees to hold harmless Americats Club and members, The International Cat Association (TICA), and Connecticut Convention Center, Jenks Productions and LaQunta Hotels of any damages, claims, or theft as a result of any action/conduct related to the operations of this show.

We are using TOES for online cat entry information:



You may mail payment to:
Americats Entry Clerk
Susan Erikson
PO box  42
Maryknoll NY 10545


You may also pay by Paypal!!! Make your payment to :

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To enter this show, please submit a completed
Summary Form


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